Sydney, New South Wales

All we need is time to breathe

Date December 2012
Posted December 2012
One hundred stories of worldwide adventuring
It was a Monday, and this fact wasn't lost on me. The coral reef shimmered in the sunlight, refracted and dispersed as it was through the clear blue waters of the South China Sea. Close-by my diving buddy Kevin appeared entranced by a small school of bright orange fish, navigating their own way around the reef. Not so many metres beyond him Tamara hung there as if by magic, neutrally buoyant in the 28 degree water that enclosed us, studying her dive computer to determine when we'd need to go back up to the boat and head 'home' to the island. Authentic Malaysian cuisine was on the menu that night, just as it had been the night before, and the night before that.

As I drifted through this beautiful underwater wonderland, the only sounds those of the demand valve in my regulator and the bubbles escaping up to the surface above me, I was struck suddenly by a clear thought...

"There'll always be more money, but there won't always be more time."

This is the one-hundredth post on Adventure Worldwide. If you'd asked me, when I started the website two and a half years ago, if I could've predicted where I'd be writing the hundredth post and what would've happened in the interim, then I wouldn't have even tried to answer you. The events that led up to me diving that coral reef, or to me being in Australia right now, I could never have foreseen. Lists, schedules, goals and objectives are all very well, but sometimes it really is best just to 'let the chips fall where they may'.

In a world choked with illusions of safety and security, 'five year plans', career paths and those awful books about planning your retirement, I offer you the advice I shared above: use your life now, don't put it in the bank for later. Thanks to those who helped me realise this.
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