Brighton, England

Colossus of the South

Date March 2010
Posted November 2012
Inside Brighton's giant storm-relief drainage system
The Internet is plagued with repetition to such an extent that I wonder if the information age damps it's own progress. Such easy access to existing material - be it music, graphic design or, as in this case, drain exploration - makes imitation just so easy. Back before the web was accessible I used to ride bicycles and it was always amazing to bump into someone from a different town and swap trick ideas or riding spot locations. It kept things interesting and, well, fresh. All you crate diggers know what I'm talking about.

Inevitably the same stuff is done time and time again wrapped up each iteration in the latest tired and boring Internet memes with the next 'crew' or person's name pasted up for the credits. Some people claim that it doesn't matter who was first but I disagree, mainly because in too many cases if it hadn't been for the drive and determination of the pioneers, putting it on the map, showing it was there, showing it could be done, then the path wouldn't have been neatly hewn for those who followed.

It is with great pleasure then that I make a respectful hat-tip to OG drain exploration duo JD and st00p, for, quite literally, lifting the lid on one of the British south coast's most exciting underground wonders...

Colossus of the South, Brighton, England (2010) courtesy of

Colossus of the South, Brighton, England (2010) courtesy of
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