Real men smoke Yokohamas

Date July 2009
Posted June 2010
And the rest of us?
No doubt thinking similar thoughts, we both reviewed the offering (the last in the yard on this warm summer Saturday, so it was take it or leave it) with looks of disdain. For me, harbouring a deep-rooted hatred of these vehicles, this purple heap was insult enough, but for Sydney's favourite export, who has surely told every person he's ever met about his love for 3 litre straight-six powered rear-smoking-wheel-drive Holden Toranas, it was going to be hard to stomach. "What, this beeeetch is frrrunt wheeeel drooiiivvvve?". Oh yes.

Siologen, motorway services, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

In the event the heap rewarded us with top speeds of close to 80mph and a reasonably competent automatic box. Fuel economy was acceptable and we rolled down to Derby (mainly thanks to gravity and the curvature of the Earth). An earlier preamble by drain exploring tag-team Yaz and LittleMike had deposited upon the radar Flow Selecta, a long culverted river with two infalls. Two infalls going into one outfall. Flow selector, Flow Selecta, see?

The weekend continued largely on the theme of under-city watercourses with interludes for other misadventures, which from memory included:

· Siologen acknowledging the rental car's 1.1 litre FWD layout and lighting up the tyres anyway
· Throwing rocks around inside some powerstation cooling towers and marvelling at the echoes
· Roaming about a hillside looking for some old Tube trains (don't ask)
· Complaining about the size of Nando's chicken fillets whilst stealing their electricity to power up the GPS
· Playing an elaborate game with an army of IR cameras guarding a construction site
· Drinking cider and hollering out the passenger side window before falling asleep in a carpark
· Being moved on (siologen drove, probably still drunk) at 5am by the Meadowhall guards

Once recovered siologen pulled himself together and we drove onward, reaching Bradford where the games began again, hunting out an internet cafe to find out exactly where these damn tunnels were, emerging 20 minutes later clutching scraps of paper and wondering just why the hell we were going underground on such a nice day. The details of the rest of the trip would probably be boring to describe, so have pictures instead. Needless to say the little Micra took us back home again, where sofa-surfing rooftop exploring lady killer Frank had cooked up a massive pot of spaghetti but not seen fit to install a frenzy of filthy indie chicks in my front room. Maybe next time eh?

It's likely that thanks are due to JD, Teh Otter, dsankteh, loopdog and Mike for finding most of the pipes...

Flow Selecta, Derby, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

Megatron, Sheffield, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

Megatron, Sheffield, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

Pandoras Box, Bradford, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

Academy, Bradford, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net

Macro, Bradford, England (2009) courtesy of adventuretwo.net
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