Stories tagged with construction

March 2010

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Olympic sized ambitions
/ England
The fence, the wasteland, and then in front of us the stadium itself. An unconventional triathlon, I agree, but it satisfied our thirst. Quietly we spirited up the stairs and out into the seating area, taking immediately to the steel stairs and walkways that would lead us up above this theatre of achievements.

January 2010

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Distant Lights: climbing the London skyrises
/ England
There was no activity on site, no reason to suspect one should be caught other than that feeling that such a thing shouldn't be possible. I grasped the top of the board and hauled myself over. Two meters away, the reefdog was doing the same. We dropped onto the slippery wall below and edged towards the side of the building.

October 2009

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It's cold out there every day
/ Canada
As I'm sure to write about again there's something calming and surreal about having a high rooftop to yourself and your friends on a clear night. The city continues on as it always does but now you're far removed from it, almost like an invisible observer viewing the whole show through some kind of vast skylight...

September 2009

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Blinded by the lights
/ England, France, USA
Five-strong we waited for a gap in the pedestrian traffic on the Williamsburg Bridge, allowed the traffic running on the car deck below to die down and had a last check for cop cars. Deciding that now was a good time we clambered up onto the ironwork of the giant suspension span connecting Manhattan with Queens

January 2009

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Robbing the money train (and other short stories) - Part 2
/ France
Yet again moving with all the stealth of a pack of petrified banshee the three of us clanged down the stairs and into the concrete tunnel, passing beneath heavy duty roof supports and alongside various robotically controlled diggers. This side entrance was obviously in its infancy.